Shadow Complex Remastered

Shadow Complex Remastered

By Epic Games

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-08-07
  • Current Version: 1.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 1.17 GB
  • Developer: Epic Games
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.9 or later.


**Winner of 50+ Game of the Year and Editor's Choice Awards!** ChAIR’s fresh twist on classic side-scrolling design with modern, cutting-edge gameplay is amplified in Shadow Complex Remastered, with all content from the award-winning original game, updated with graphical enhancements, all-new dynamic melee take-downs, and additional Master Challenges and Trophies. Through 10+ hours of exploration and fast-paced combat, players discover game-altering power-ups to overcome obstacles, thwart legions of enemies, and delve further into a mysterious and challenging, non-linear game world. Core Game Play Elements: - Original single-player experience inspired by classic non-linear exploration side-scrolling genre - Open world design evolves as the player explores and progresses through the game - Huge, mysterious game world populated with legions of enemies, challenges, and jaw-dropping boss battles - Dozens of unique game-altering power-ups and more than 100 additional items and enhancements to discover - Intense game play infused with a compelling action-thriller storyline - Incredible graphics with robust physics, made possible by Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 3 - Bonus Proving Grounds game mode provides side-challenges to help players become the ultimate Shadow Complex master Remastered Features: - Up-rezzed characters, enemies, environments, and interface - Updated lighting, post-processing, and visual effects - New contextual melee take-downs - New Achievements and Master Challenges Recommended Specifications: - Processor: Quad-Core Processor, ~2 GHz - Graphics: GTX 750M - VRAM: 2GB - Memory (RAM): 8 GB - OS: OSX 10.11 (El Capitan) Minimum Specifications: - Processor: Dual-Core Processor, min 2.5 GHz - Graphics: GTX 670M - VRAM: 1GB - Memory (RAM): 4 GB - OS: OSX 10.10.5 (Yosemite) Additional information and resources for Shadow Complex Remastered can be found at: Follow @ChAIRGAMES on Twitter and Instagram For questions and support, please go to: Join our weekly live stream Wednesdays at 4pm EST/1pm PST at



  • You’ve played this game before

    By BishopDonMagicJuan
    It looks fresh on the App Store page but once you start playing you realize this is a standard (and not that great) side-scroller that you’ve played various versions of many times. I’m not against side-scroller games, it’s actually why I purchased it but this one is pretty mediocre. Despite it’s claim that it is open ended, it’s a fairly linear path you travel on. Sure you can go back and forward room to room but there’s little reason to. The controls are a little wonky, the response rate is just a little slow and the mechanics a little bit off in some places. In one area I spent 10 minutes trying to jump out of the water onto a platform and only by some sheer button mashing luck did I finally manage to get it. It wasn’t supposed to be a challenging area of the game, the platform was just above the surface of the water. The graphics are ok and it runs smoothly on my late 2014 27” iMac, 4Ghz i7, 32 GB RAM. I’ve yet to die from gunfire on the normal difficulty but I have died of drowning at least 3 or 4 times due to the controls. There are also other frustrating areas where you’re being shot at from off screen and your only hope of figuring out where the bullets are coming from is to run straight into the other room amidst gunfire. Don’t worry though, you won’t die, so I guess it doesn’t matter anyway. It’s just frustrating. I almost quit during the tutorial as it was obvious right away that I wasn’t going to get into this game but since I spent $15 bucks I felt obligated to play it through.
  • Does not launch

    By DaRealGreg
    OSX 10.11.6 ElCapitan on 27" iMac 3.4GHz quad core w/ 16 GB of ram and 2GB NIVIDA graphics. No response from Epic Games.
  • Saved Games work with Sierra

    By rds1409
    If you are running macOS Sierra, you can still log into Game Center so you can save games: 1) Go to System Preferences then select Internet Accounts. 2) Click the "+" in the bottom left hand corner. 3) Scroll down in the pane on the right and choose "Add Other Account..." 4) Pick "Game Center account". 5) Log in with your AppleID credentials and fire up the game to be able to save your progress.
  • Great Game, needs an update

    By Raskitoma
    Testing this game on macOS Sierra (no gamecenter available), makes it hard to play this game, because, you can’t save your progress It would be nice to have offline saving for this game. Beside this, the game it’s absolutelly amazing! The saving bug it’s the only reason I don’t give this game 5 stars!
  • Awesome

    By roessera
    My gig: iMac 5k retina 4ghz + 8GB ram. This game is just plain fun. The acting can be a little cheesy, but that’s ok; the graphics, the sound, and the fun factor completely make up for it. Worth every penny. Helps to have a controller as you’ll be jumping dodging and shooting everything in site.
  • I’ve only started, but it’s pretty good

    By assault_is_eternal
    I’ve been a Metroid/Castlevania fan for quite some time now, and I’d read about this game after doing searches for “Metroidvania”. So I had high expectations for this game, and it’s lived up to them - despite that it’s more Metroid than Castlevania. It’s running well on my late 2013 maxxed-out iMac. The only downer was that it doesn’t work with my Nimbus MFi controller. However, I broke out my old PS3 Sixaxis and it works like a champ.
  • Great Game - With an Issue

    By Horace Curwen
    Hello, I really hope someone reads this. The game is pretty amazing thus far, but for gamers using a bluetooth game controller (nimbus for PC’s) isn’t compatible with the game. For such an action packed video game such as this, you would think the developers would give game controller capabilities for the user. May we please update, and allow the game controller(s) (Nimbus) to be accessible for game play. Thank you. P.S. The game rocks, but It’s very complicated to utlize on macbook. The controller makes life so easy.