Hoppy Towers

Hoppy Towers

By Playstate Studios

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-12-06
  • Current Version: 1.2.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 246.26 MB
  • Developer: Playstate Studios
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 3.86
From 100 Ratings


Hoppy Towers is a minimalistic one tap game. Time your jumps up and your dashes down so that you merrily hop your way from one tower to the next. Be sure to dash down to destroy rocks, bounce on leafs for an extra boost, avoid getting egg on your face and most of all have fun! Features:- -Enjoyable minimalistic graphics -Simple one tap gameplay -Endless tower hopping -6 quirky cute characters -Upbeat tunes by Ben Burns Hop your way from tower to tower to tower to tower with Hoppy Towers today :) Enjoy!



  • Horrible

    This game is the absolute worst game I've ever played. Period.
  • 😥

    By stylee
    This game is really really hard
  • Suggestions

    By miasensei
    I have been playing this game since the start and I have a few suggestions. 1) Fix the bug that does not allow users to pass level 21(I am not sure if this is fixed.) 2) Allow us to shut off the vibration so that it does not sound like I have a vibrator in my pocket every time I play this game in public. 3) Make the levels have differentiations from each other. I cannot tell that there is much difference between any of the levels at all.
  • Fun, but has glitches during game play

    By anime-dream
    Really fun, but it glitches so much. It will jump me forward and then never stop, so I have to turn the app off and lose the score I actually got.
  • Bad

    By meisjhajdjebabs
    So many adds
  • Cute

    By S uses apps
    Okay the game is fun and cute but its like pointless. I though this would have a sort of crossy road mechanic of if you collect something you unlock a character, but you dont. You can also collect little blue gem things and they do nothing. So basically you have to pay .99 for a little character that does nothing special. I love the graphics and music but wish there was a little something more.
  • Too Many Ads

    By Tinik54
    I understand the need for ads, but honestly it’s ridiculous. I’ve only just started playing the game, so I’ve been dying quite a bit, and each time I do there’s a 30-second ad waiting for me. How am I supposed to get a grasp of figuring out the game (jumping, the moving platform, rocks, etc) if the ads won’t even let me play it? I normally don’t leave reviews but it’s just so ridiculous that I absolutely had to. Cute concept, though.
  • The ads are outrageous.

    By M4v3r1ck77
    Fun little game, but the ads are incessant, and I’m not clicking “revive with ads,” as the devs canned response states. I uninstalled with moments of installing.
  • Why do you have to pay for characters

    By taylor and this stupid game
    Why do you have to pay for characters? I know that there not the much but me if I had money to get characters I still wouldn’t do it but I like everything else or maybe you can even put some levels into the game!
  • Just another review

    By R41D3NN
    “At the end of the day developers need to make money and [selling characters] is one way to do that.” - Publisher in regards in having only the ability to purchase new cheaters This statement peeved me as a developer and shows a blatant disconnect from users. You know that you are able to generate value and income by not directly monetizing all features right? That building an ecosystem where users enjoy your game and share with their friends you gain a larger pool of uses willing to spend money, right? That by monetizing everything actually decreases the pool of uses that will spend money on your game? By this account you’ll need to cash in on the small pool of uses investing in you and raise in game prices. Besides the blatant disconnect the publisher here has, this game is alright. Not ground breaking (well I guess it sorta is 😉), cute graphics, and so on. Not going to change the world with this game but has solidified what this publisher thinks of their users and what fruit their future projects will bear.