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A source of endless inspiration for the everyday explorer and the insatiably curious, the National Geographic app reveals new insights into cultures, ideas, and discoveries through high-definition storytelling. Your free account gives you access to a personalized feed of the topics you love. DISCOVER groundbreaking articles by pioneers in storytelling. GET INSPIRED by award-winning photos. WATCH over 3,000 captivating videos. EXPERIENCE our rich history through curated archives dating back to 1888. --- National Geographic App subscription offer details: - Annual subscription: $19.99 (12 issues) - Monthly subscription: $1.99/month (1 issue) - Single issues: $4.99/issue - Subscriptions do not include content from magazines published by National Geographic Partners, LLC other than the National Geographic magazine. • Payment will be processed through your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. • Your subscription will automatically renew per the billing cycle of your subscription (i.e., monthly or yearly) 24-hours before the end of the current period, and your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account. • The renewal charge for your Subscription shall be the same as the original purchase price, unless you are otherwise notified in advance. • To avoid the billing of fees for the next Subscription period, you must switch off your monthly or yearly Subscription at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. • You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings. • You will not receive a refund for the fees you already paid for you current Subscription period and you will continue to have access to your Subscription until the end of your current Subscription period. • National Geographic provides no refunds and you may cancel auto-renewal at any time. All sales are final. • After purchase via iTunes, you will have unlimited access on this device.



  • advice

    By cky113
    I’d like to see offline-reading and dark mode added to this app. That would be great! Thank you for your dedication
  • Unusable

    By TSueHil
    This was my favorite print to digital app. I loved downloading a full issue and reading it on my iPad while offline traveling. It felt just like reading the magazine. Now the user experience is horrible, you can no longer download for offline (which is the whole point for me) and you can’t scroll an issue at large. I never write reviews but this is too disappointing to go unwritten.
  • Useless junk

    By rysio66
    Without offline reading capability and real magazine look this app is totally useless.
  • How Can You Mess Up SOOOO Bad!

    By CorreAktor
    For a organization the travels the world, changing the app to only work online and not have download for the magazines, shows a group of people who clearly don’t travel, which makes you wonder what the future of National Geographic is. Many people who read National Geographic....actually travel. What a concept. When we are in airplanes, on boats, off roading, mountain climbing, relaxing on the beach, THERE IS NO INTERNET! I used to carry the physical copies before tablets and mobile phones, but now use a tablet to read and keep the physical magazine in a cover to go along with my collection that dates back to 1904. Seriously considering the future of National Geo if they don’t understand travelers and their readers.
  • G’Bye Nat Geo

    By Hurdlr541
    I echo the majority of the (negative) comments here regarding the loss of off-line reading and deletion of past, downloaded magazine subscriptions. Given these concerns remain unaddressed, I will not renew my (20+ year) subscription.
  • Offline reading

    By yoyopet
    Killing the possibility of downloading each issue and reading It any time offline has ruined your app. The idea of having your magazine on a device instead of carrying the paper issue which can be read any time and not depending on having wifi available was WhatsApp made It attractive Please restore the offline reading or I will unsuscribe Jorge
  • Was an awesome app, but now just a website.

    By BillinID
    The previous app was exactly like reading the print magazine and it could be downloaded to read when internet access is not available, such as when traveling. Now if you want to read the magazine while traveling you have to lug all the printed issues in your luggage, or more likely ready something other than national geographic. It used to be incredible to have the national geographic library stored in my ipad just like the print version. So sad this was taken away from their loyal subscribers. Huge step backwards!! Please bring the old app back!!
  • When can I view offline again?

    By bobleflambeur65
    Since the entire purpose of the app for 95% of users is offline viewing, when will it be restored? If never, please be honest and say that offline viewing will not be restored. Awaiting a real update from NG for more than a year. Bob
  • What a Joke of an App!

    By HateThatIHaveToSelectNickname
    You get two stars just for the great content. But the content itself is so poorly presented. Except for the same articles, there is nothing in this app to bring the feel of reading the great magazine. This version is soooo bad, sooo poor in features, and is nothing like actual National Geographic magazine. You ruthlessly betrayed your loyal readers. Apart from font size, there are no other settings. There is no way to set the bookmark, and each time I have to search for the place I left off in the article. App crashes each time I try to look up the word or phrase. I was reading some of the responses to readers bad reviews and the funniest off all is that you are "working on the improvements ". What a waste of time and resources! Just give us back the old app and you'll be good. The most pathetic response was the one saying "we are trying to FOLLOW the latest editorial trends"!!!??? FOLLOW!!!??? You are NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC!!! You don't follow, you lead, create and invent trends!!! That's why everybody loves you!!!! I am wondering how can the product owner of this app and the department that is dealing with it, survive for such a long time with such a low rating in the organization with such a huge name, respect and importance like NG? Why are you still pushing this app?
  • Update worst offline

    By personalcapuser
    Many download....still Funny how the developers like to respond to the one in a while 3-4 star comment but totally ignore the countless reviews demanding the download feature to be reinstated. Shame on you. I too am not renewing National Geographic subscription. Good bye. As I see in other posts this latest update is the worst backward step I have ever seen in app development. How would you possibility remove such an important feature from the app when you already had it. A huge miss...please restore the previous version until you can get this working again...properly. Once again...developers fail to check with the users.