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A source of endless inspiration for the everyday explorer and the insatiably curious, the National Geographic app reveals new insights into cultures, ideas, and discoveries through high-definition storytelling. Your free account gives you access to a personalized feed of the topics you love. DISCOVER groundbreaking articles by pioneers in storytelling. GET INSPIRED by award-winning photos. WATCH over 3,000 captivating videos. EXPERIENCE our rich history through curated archives dating back to 1888. --- National Geographic App subscription offer details: - Annual subscription: $19.99 (12 issues) - Monthly subscription: $1.99/month (1 issue) - Single issues: $4.99/issue - Subscriptions do not include content from magazines published by National Geographic Partners, LLC other than the National Geographic magazine. • Payment will be processed through your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. • Your subscription will automatically renew per the billing cycle of your subscription (i.e., monthly or yearly) 24-hours before the end of the current period, and your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account. • The renewal charge for your Subscription shall be the same as the original purchase price, unless you are otherwise notified in advance. • To avoid the billing of fees for the next Subscription period, you must switch off your monthly or yearly Subscription at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. • You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings. • You will not receive a refund for the fees you already paid for you current Subscription period and you will continue to have access to your Subscription until the end of your current Subscription period. • National Geographic provides no refunds and you may cancel auto-renewal at any time. All sales are final. • After purchase via iTunes, you will have unlimited access on this device.



  • Horrible update

    By Chemist a
    The developer’s response is inadequate. Not only did we lose the download functionality going forward, they also reclaimed (i.e. confiscated or stole) my already paid for and downloaded issues. To make it worse they claim we were notified before the change ... of course no mention of total loss of offline magazine access. My subscription is now canceled. If this is fixed so I can download issues and read offline (like kindle books for example) I will resubscribe. Until then you’ve removed my primary reason for the subscription. Congratulations. Update: just got an email to supply valid card for renewal. Ha! I subscribed for the offline digital magazine especially for air travel. Without offline reading capability I most certainly will not renew!!!!!!!!! Lost back issues, terrible waste of money now. Won’t login, .... minor tweak of an update fixed nothing. If I can’t login and down load full magazines including my paid for back issues by my next international trip in mid January the subscription will be canceled. Most likely forever.
  • NatIonal Geographic has stolen by digital back issues with a “update”

    By docgompf
    This may be my second review, I’m not sure. I re-downloaded and logged back in while I still have a subscription (I won’t be renewing) to find that National Geographic still has not found a way to allow me to access my back issues for off-line viewing. Seven months now my digital magazines have been gone. I have traveled several times and really missed the NatGeo reading that I would’ve done had they been available for download... as they were for years until they were hastily removed from long time subscribers’ digital libraries. They are hurting the people who cherished there magazines the most! Also, I’m wondering if the magazine will start refusing to cover climate change issues because of the new ownership... scary thought that people with money will buy up legitimate news and science education sources that dispute their anti-science beliefs.
  • Terrible upgrade

    Can’t download and can only get content if you have WiFi! Useless!
  • No longer have reason to use app

    By cancelnatgeo
    Added since first review: still no downloadable version of the magazine, but I am curious if that is what is available by subscribing to AppleNews+. Don’t plan to renew my National Geographic subscription. Can no longer read offline. Sorry I renewed my subscription. Tried to rate zero star, but wasn’t an option. Really frustrating that I also lost all the issues I had downloaded to my ipad. Observed that non-English versions of Nat Geo mag app are the old format that allows actually reading the downloaded magazine. Why only screw up the English version? Or is the developer plan to eventually make all language versions equally as bad as this current English one.
  • Updated?

    By j footprint
    Today, 7/16, I see the New Yorker app just put out an update proudly announcing the ability to download issues, I repeat - FULL ISSUES - of their magazine for off-line viewing. And NGM has preserved their backward slide to mediocrity. Bring back the prior functionality ———————————————— Mid July, 3.0.8, fixed a few bugs, blah, blah, blah... No reference to old format, or off line viewing. Credibility meter close to 0. Three renewal notices received in mail, sitting on my desk, uncertain whether they’ll be opened, let alone remitted.. NG is no longer a favored magazine. NG doesn’t give a rip about long term subscribers. Or is this FOX... hey Rupert, are you out to destroy all media? ———————————- Mid June update, no mention or reference of restoring any semblance of previous functionality. But yet we still see “developer responses”. How long do you think you can string us along? Stop the BS... it doesn’t become you... ————- Updated a week ago... no mention of reinstating old functionality. NatGeo has been a mainstay for me, now it’s silage... How many unsubscriptions have you wrought? ——— How many times will we see a “developer response” claiming to be looking into reinstating off-line usage, let alone most content. NGM used to be a worthy magazine, let alone one of the best apps. Time to stop bullshitting your subscribers... No stars (if I could), and I won’t update until I see others reporting that the old magazine format, issue downloads, and off-line access has returned... Developer response... Finally, after months of 1 star reviews! They say they are aware of the inability to download, and are considering the issue. Should we hold our breath? Is this “potential” reversal due to the recent buyout? Somehow I’m not sure I’m comforted by Disney... Time will tell...
  • Disappointing

    By carribas
    This app in its current version is a tremendous disappointment to this 4 decades-long National Geographic reader. While NG was a pioneer in magazine apps and previous versions were an attractive extension of the print magazine, with vivid article layouts and rich supplementary content, including videos, the current version is flat by comparison and has none of those extras. The article presentation previously mirrored the graphic design in the print version, but now we get just a boring, webpage-like presentation on a plain white background. Navigation is confusing, with much of the content, aside from the feature articles, inexplicably hidden and accessible only if you click on a very inconspicuous link within each article. You will then find yourself prompted to login, but even after you do, the app will continue asking you to login again anyway. Extremely annoying! Finally, the one very nice addition to the app is the inclusion of some archived issues going all the way back to the magazine’s founding in 1888. But one wonders why, months after this feature was introduced, NG’s team have still not made the rest of the full archive available in the app. This is, after all, content that is already digitized and readily available to subscribers on a website. But the reading experience is much better within the app, which takes advantage of the iPad’s full screen and is much faster. So I really hope the entire archive will be available in the app soon. In sum, NG definitely has the digital expertise and the big budget to do much better. In fact, they already have in the past. So here’s hoping they do.
  • Useless

    By JimG7271
    Why would you ‘upgrade’ the app so that customers can’t download the digital magazine anymore for offline viewing.
  • Not the magazine anymore

    By Anhdru
    If you, like me, have a digital subscription to National Geographic, be warned: you cannot read the magazine articles through this app and you can no longer download issues of the magazine to read offline. The developers have taken a great magazine and created a miserable digital "experience" version, with truncated articles and no real organization. I am hoping the developers are reading these reviews and will restore the magazine version to this app. Those like me who live abroad (Australia) do not have a realistic option to get the print version.
  • Decent I suppose

    By jbram63
    I never had the previous nat geo app, so I can’t compare that like others have. But this does seem like a website more than a magazine extension. There’s a lot of great content to read and watch, but what’s quite bothersome is that every headline seems like it’s clickbait “First time a hippo is caught on camera doing ...” or “wolves caught on camera for the first time ever eating ...” and even “Most widespread wildlife crime raid ever sweeps across ...” Every headline is like this and there’s no good reason for it. First, your PAYING customers are already here; no need to force us to click every article just to read the headline. Second, there’s more than enough “white space” around the headline that is cutoff. And if there truly isn’t enough space because of Nat Geo’s “artistic layout,” then shorten the headline. Really, there’s no need for the ellipses and clickbait—this isn’t Facebook. Another issue the magazine portion itself. Just seems lazily done. I remember when apple first introduced magazines in the newsstand app. It was such a fun experience to have the physical magazine look in a digital experience and with clickable links to look up places, see related articles, expand photos, and just a more interactive experience. The digital versions of magazines truly were an extension of the print version. With this app, it just seems like they went the way of a basic website. Click a story, read story, see a couple photos about the story, go back to the “magazine” content page and repeat. There’s no real interaction or experience. It just is. Worth a subscription? I guess. I got mine for $10 by listening to the new Nat Geo podcast Overheard. For the normal $55 price? Absolutely not. Not for the digital subscription at least. Hope they listen to their customers. It’s really unfortunate that they’ve lost long time customers just because they’re being stubborn about maintaining a different direction for the app. Stick with what works and what people like. All the best
  • Worst app in apple store

    By Croata-man
    I’m really surprised that makers of this garbage app and whoever told developers to make it this way are not arrested and banned for life of having access to any digital media. Perfectly functional app that allowed downloading contest and read it as real magazine is gone. Who even wants to pay for this junk? Not me and a lot of people I talked too. NG needs to get their act together and in 21 century put back app that had ability to download printed version of the magazine. Everything else is an insult to human race. It’s not even their greed in this case, just stupidity at its finest.